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Como Park Childcare & Kindergarten


Our team of educators create welcoming, inviting and stimulating learning environments that reflect the culture, values, interests and identities of the families, children and community. Exciting and flexible play spaces that respond to children’s needs, interests and abilities support all children’s ongoing learning and development. The outdoor environment is reflective of the local community in which the centre is located and the centre prides itself on the natural, sustainable environment that has been created by the educator, children and families that attend the centre. The outdoor environment is an extension of the indoor program and invites open learning, spontaneity, flexibility as well as opportunities for children to discover and explore making connections with the environment and the natural world around them.

Our educational program reflects the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia (EYLF) and is based on children’s needs and interests. Educators provide children with learning opportunities that maximize their learning and development through planned experiences, spontaneous play and intentional teaching. Educators promote children’s learning through meaningful, inviting and challenging experiences and they use strategies and techniques such as intentional teaching, scaffolding, questioning, shared thinking and problem solving to extend upon and challenge children’s learning.

Each child’s health needs are supported by providing nutritional, healthy menus based on children’s individual needs and cultural beliefs, choices are provided at meal times for children. Educators communicate with families and monitor children’s individual health needs on a daily basis.

0-2 Community

Our community caters for children aged approximately 6 weeks to 3 years. Our community is a multi-aged group that shares multiple environments and learns and develops together and from one another. Our team follow a routine that allows that children to feel safe and secure. The children are supported and cared for by our educators and the children’s individual needs and interests are monitored to ensure the children develop, learn and grow.

The 0-2 community comprises of 3 zones, a shared dining zone, a program zone and a sleep zone. Our team of educators supervise the children to locate their name tag and select a locker to feel a sense of belonging knowing where their belongings can be located during the day.

Self-help skills are an important aspect of our multi-age program, children are developing their independence and demand the opportunity to do so. Skills like: dressing, feeding themselves, using cutlery, pouring and serving themselves, hand washing and drying, toileting, blowing nose, and putting their belongings away.

The 0-2 community rely on open communication between families and educators to be able to provide the best possible individualised care. You know your child the best and we rely on you sharing particulars that could affect your child’s day. An educational program is displayed in the dining zone and shows our intentional teaching for the group. The educational program is based around the needs of the group, the age of the group, as well as the interests and current events in the community. Our goals will change based on the evaluation and reflections made by the team of educators. These goals guide our program and work alongside each individual child’s goals.

3-5 Community

The 3-5 community conducts a 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten program and each is integrated allowing the children to learn and grow together and other times split into the age groups to allow the children to learn and develop at the rate appropriate to their age. The 3 and 4 year old kindergarten programs are conducted by a kindergarten teacher and supported by diploma educators.

The children commence the day choosing their locker for their belongings and then choose where they want to play either indoors or outdoors. Our program evolves around the children’s play and their choices. The educators interact and engage with the children to develop an understanding of the children’s needs and interests and the program will flow from these observations. Self-help skills are promoted throughout the day to develop independence and confidence. It is important that the children feel comfortable in their environment, a sense of belonging, which allows the children to feel safe and secure.

Our friends visit our families at home

Our communities have many friends / take home toys that like to come home with you, these friends help us get to know you better and assist with building a sense of identity and belonging to the centre.

  • Nyngan the echidna
  • Tadalick the frog
  • The platypus
  • The rainbow serpent